Pinch Chinese’s Dumpling Happy Hour

IMG_3565I’m always on the lookout for a good happy hour deal, and the one Pinch Chinese is particularly unique. You can get one of their signature cocktails (a few of which share titles from a hit throwback song) or glass of wine and an order of soup dumplings. Three dumplings and a drink, for just $15! I went on a Thursday while I was waiting for Carrie to finish shopping. I ordered their take on an old fashioned called the Lapsang Sichuan (scotch, lapsang souchong, sichuan peppercorn, pimento bitters) at the advice of the bartender. It was very refreshing and slightly peppery which was surprisingly just what I needed. They give you a few choices for dumplings, but I went with the pork soup variety. While very small, they are the perfect compliment if you’re just stopping in for a drink like I did. And I loved the shelves behind the bar which were adorned with those waving, golden cat toys you see lining storefronts in Chinatown.

Hopefully I can find the time to make it down there again soon, the bartender told me they were about to add jellyfish to the menu and I would love to try it. But even if that’s not really your thing, there’s plenty on the menu you can choose from. IMG_3567


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