Times Square: The Rum House & Jimmy’s Corner

When you work as close to Times Square as I do, do as the tourists do and… go there? Needless to say, I was happy to visit these two bars as soon as possible. I was pleasantly surprised with both; and there weren’t too many tourists at either at all.

IMG_3334The Rum House is set in a 70s-era hotel bar, complete with a standup piano, wood-paneled walls with velvet curtains and a white tile floor that “feels more refined than the majority of Times Square”. It was taken over in 2011 by the mixologists behind Ward III and the list notes their exceptionally strong daiquiris. So naturally I planned my visit on National Daiquiri Day. From their regular cocktail list I didn’t see much that stood out but my friend Carolina enjoyed her mojito. I highly recommend the daiquiri’s. I’m not a huge rum fan, but it was perfectly tart with lime juice and definitely a bit stronger than it should have been.


In comparison, Jimmy’s Corner is a dive that could be straight out of a movie. Owned by IMG_3533Jimmy Glenn, a professional boxing trainer who once coached Muhammad Ali, boxing memorabilia covers everything; the walls, the bar, everywhere you look. Colored Christmas lights draped around the bar are a nice touch, the glow highlights several printed signs that read “LET’S NOT DISCUSS POLITICS HERE”. It’s also cash only and they still use an old fashioned cash register. But I’m sure the real draw to this place are the prices. With only four beers on tap I settled for a Captain Lawrence IPA, the price of which, in total, was $4.50. It was then that I understood why there were so many people lining the bar on a Tuesday before five pm.

5 bars down, 45 more to go.







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