Bar SixtyFive at the Rainbow Room

IMG_3544Oh, I’m fancy, huh? Well if you call paying $20 for a single cocktail fancy than yes, I can now say that I am. I’ve seen the glowing sign outside Rockefeller Center dozens of times on my way to Radio City Music Hall. There’s always groups of tourists taking pictures to say they had been at NBC studios. But I was more interested in the bar above it. Bar SixtyFive is located on the 65th floor of Rockefeller Center adjacent to the iconic Rainbow Room. It’s everything you could expect and more. The service is not just attentive but seems genuinely concerned with providing you with the best experience possible, the  bar itself is opulent, and the views are incredible. But I would go back just for the service.  Plus, “it’s definitely better and no more expensive than paying $40 to ride an elevator with a high school tour group to the top of the Rock”.

While I wish this was a lifestyle I could afford regularly, my friend and I agreed to stay for precisely one drink. The first page of the menu caught our eye with “The 5 Borough Classics”, a drink for every borough. While I was familiar with the Manhattan and the IMG_3539Brooklyn (which my friend ordered), The Staten Island caught my eye (Owney’s rum, pineapple juice, lemon juice, sarsaparilla bitters, fresh grated nutmeg). Uncharacteristically tropical and fruity compared to the island itself, I wonder if the bar manager had ever even been there. It was refreshing and satisfying, but I didn’t think it warranted a $20 price tag. Then again, the patrons who frequent Bar SixtyFive are not there for the drinks themselves. Standing at the bar, we were sandwiched between a two sets of high end sugar babies and their daddies. One of these guys spent so much on two glasses of champagne I wasn’t even surprised when he swirled and sniffed his glass like it was wine. When you’re spending that much you can do whatever you want.

6 bars down, 44 to go.






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